Friday, September 2, 2011

Sharul & Shahidah - Newly Weds

Box of 16 pieces chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant topping; put some lettering & cutey simple decorations on top of the cakes, special made for my good friend for his solemnization..I made for him as a gift from a friend to a friend..ngehehehe...

The best part is when me & my hubby work together as a team to ensure that the cakes are ready to be sent to him before his 'majlis akad nikah'..We hand-over the cakes to En. Sharul sharp on 8.00am on the same day of his BIG day..

"Salam nyd...tq2 cup cake yg hadiah dri
ko...memang sedap n best...tq2 sangat2..."

That's what he said to me via sms..Very very very happy when he likes the cakes..

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