Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary

This 2nd year of our (hubby & me) wedding anniversary, we just celebrate at home..I make RED VELVET CAKE with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING, we cut the cakes & eat together with my whole family..Just a simple celebration & very blessed..

I bake the RV cakes, layer & cover the whole cake with cream cheese..As final touch, I put finger biscuits around the cakes & sieve cocoa powder on top of the cake..Deep down inside my heart says that, the decoration of my RV cake looks like the Tiramisu cake..But who cares, sendiri mau makan..hehehe..

Lets take a look, my RV cakes...

P/s : walaupun rupa RV x bape cantik..pas kena dressing ngan cream cheese frosting, rasanya perghhh maveles... :)

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