Sunday, May 29, 2011

Order from Fuza

Box of chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant topping and sky blue-cream color ordered by Fuza from Johor Jaya..She wanted to put wordings 'Fuza Johan, Tahniah' on top of the cakes..I'll do the best that I can, to fulfill her requirements..I amend here & there to make it simple, nice & eye candy..So, here are the end product of my touch..happy watching...

Credit to my hubby cause helping me sending those cuppies to Fuza..I feel very relieved when Fuza was satisfied with my touch..Tq so much for your feedback..I really appreciate it..

Feedback from Fuza via text message;

"Salam.Kak,sori lmbt respond.
Cakes tu cantik sgt2.Thanks bnyk2
sbb bg xtra,surprised!"

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